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Cook Medical has been in Limerick since 1993, starting out with labeling and distribution and steadily growing and evolving to include manufacturing, centralised customer support, and on to collaborative product development in the Innovation Centre. The Ireland location is our European headquarters and houses our EMEA Support Centre. This location currently employs more than 800 people and manufactures 10 percent of Cook’s products for global markets.


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In 2011, we won the Irish Medical Technology Company of the Year award at the fifth annual Medical Technology Industry Excellence Awards. Learn more about life at Cook Medical in Limerick, Ireland.

The Innovation Centre, which opened in November 2013, is a dedicated place for us to do what we have always done best—collaborate with physicians to solve problems and develop new products and treatments. Not only does the centre look cool—it is equipped with the latest technology to recreate and simulate clinical conditions, enabling improved device testing and better product designs.


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