8-week Training Plan for 5km

WEEK 115mins Walk/RunRest15mins Walk/RunRestRest20mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 215mins Walk/RunRest15mins Walk/RunRestRest25mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 320mins Walk/RunRest20mins Walk/RunRestRest30mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 420mins Walk/RunRest20mins Walk/RunCross Train 20minsRest30mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 520mins Walk/RunRest25mins Walk/RunCross Train 20minsRest30mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 625mins Walk/RunRest25mins Walk/RunCross Train 20minsRest40mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 725mins Walk/RunRest25mins Walk/RunCross Train 25minsRest45mins Walk/RunRest
WEEK 820mins Walk/RunRest20mins Walk/RunRestRest10mins Walk/Run5KM


  • Consult a GP before commencing any training plan.
  • Always warm-up with stretches before starting.
  • Bring water with you on your run / walk.
  • Walk / Run – You should be able to hold a conversation at all times. If you can’t, you’re working too hard!
  • Cross Train – Cycling, Swimming, Conditioning, Spinning, etc